Arkansas Elder Lawyers

The Arkansas elder law attorneys at Bowman & Lewis provide a broad array of services to senior citizens.   Co-founded by Seth Bowman and Nathan Lewis, we have cultivated years of experience and built a network of other professionals including CPAs, forensic accountants, and medical doctors who consult with us on specific matters.  Whether it involves estate planning or medical negligence, we are committed to protecting senior rights effectively.  Sadly many older people are mistreated or taken advantage of.  Together we can stop this from happening.

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Nursing Home Neglect

Seniors are often taken advantage of in nursing home situations.  As a society we should strive to protect those that came before us.  At Bowman Lewis Law, that is exactly what we do.  We take it personally when some one who cannot defend their self is mistreated.  Nursing home neglect occurs more frequently in Arkansas than many States, and we must fight it.

Estate Planning

Everyone should have a healthcare directive and some basic estate planning, even if they are not high asset individuals.   More complex estate planning may involve specific type of trusts or other entities.  We constantly communicate with CPAs to stay up to date on changes in taxation for our clients.

Medical Negligence

Seniors deserve the same degree of medical care as anyone else.   It does not always happen this way.   Doctors are humans, and there may be a legitimate explanation for a negative outcome.  When there isn’t, we fight.

Guardianships and Special Assistance

Some of our clients have difficulty functioning with daily life.  We provide broad assistance such as with nursing home placement, negotiating with insurance companies, and routine tasks such as paying bills.  Our goal is to eliminate stress, disputes, and unscrupulous people who seek to take advantage of the elderly.

Arkansas Values

The owners of Bowman Lewis Law each have a long family history related to Arkansas. We were raised on Arkansas values and treat our clients with the respect they deserve. We work in this area of the law due to abuses we see in the system. Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests from those that seek to do them harm.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your documents such as Wills, Medical Directives, and Trusts are always accessible online.  We use a third party vendor who provides cutting edge secure technology.   We provide cards to keep in your wallet to locate your information easily.   Scan the card with your cell phone or type in the address on the card – your important documents will be immediately available.   You can relax, because we will maintain your important records for you.

Free Consultation

Communication between our firm and you is confidential.  Your information will never be shared with third parties.