Estate Planning

Everyone should have a healthcare directive and some basic estate planning, even if they are not high asset individuals.   More complex estate planning may involve specific type of trusts or other entities.  We constantly communicate with CPAs to stay up to date on changes in taxation for our clients.  There are over 72,000 pages in the federal IRS tax code.  It is critical that your estate planning attorney maintains a close relationship with respected Certified Public Accountants, because it is impossible for one attorney to simultaneously keep track of all the changes in the law in civil courts and all the changes in taxation.  At Bowman Lewis we favor a team based approach for behind the scenes work, but we think it is important for each client to maintain a relationship with one specific attorney.  That way this attorney can function as the go-to person when matters involve the client.  This offers our clients the strength of team results, but does not require our clients to communicate with numerous accountants and attorneys.