Nursing Home Neglect

Seniors are often taken advantage of in nursing home situations. As a society we should strive to protect those that came before us. At Bowman Lewis Law, that is exactly what we do. We take it personally when some one who cannot defend their self is mistreated. Nursing home neglect occurs more frequently in Arkansas than many States, and we must fight it.

Several nursing homes are organized by the board of directors in such a way that they are harder to sue than one would expect. The doctrine of charitable immunity, which is still recognized in specific situations in Arkansas, can present another hurdle to obtaining reasonable settlements. It is also expensive to obtain an expert medical opinion. Your attorney needs to be prepared for these hurdles as well as many more. This is a difficult area of the law.

We do not file “frivolous” lawsuits. We provide free consultations. If your case is serious and we think it is the type of case that our firm is a decent fit for, then we can discuss representation. Typically, these cases are taken on a contingency arrangement. That means our firm has to invest substantial time and costs pursuing the case. These are serious matters. One must do their due diligence appropriately.

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